Don't Suffer In Silence, Make A Report.

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Hello and welcome to the School Help Advice Reporting Page (SHARP) System. We all work together at Shrewsbury Town FC to help with any problems you may have in or out of the academy / your school.

What is the SHARP system?

SHARP is an easy and confidential way to report incidents of bullying or other concerns about your own safety or the safety of your team mates. If you wish to contact us you don't have to leave your details if you don't want to; this system is set up for you to choose to either provide contact details or remain anonymous. Examples of reports and concerns that may be made are:

  • If you are being bullied
  • If you are concerned about your team mates being bullied
  • If you are concerned about your own or your team mates' safety
  • If you or someone you know are unhappy at home
  • If you want to provide feedback on safeguarding and welfare within the academy


What happens when I make a report?

All reports are automatically sent to Academy Manager Eric Ramsay, Academy Welfare Officer, Sue Wilson and Head of Education, Andy van Ommeren. Your reports are important to us, therefore, we pledge to respond  within 72 hours if you leave your contact details. If contact details are not provided then academy staff will work together to fully investigate your report or concern to the best of their ability. Reports will remain fully confidential and you will be appropriately supported by academy staff as we all want our players, players's families and friends to lead healthy, safe and successful lives both inside and away from the football environment.

How else can I use the SHARP system? 

Information and awareness pages are available to view by clicking the 'Menu' button at the top of the page. Links to external support services are available via the 'Links Page', these can be accessed at any time. The 'Hide Page' button allows you to instantly cover the page so that other people can not see the report you are making or the information that your are viewing. 


Remember that this is a CONFIDENTIAL way to stop YOU or a FRIEND or SOMEONE you have seen SUFFERING.

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